Villa Patrizia

Commune Butera
Province Caltanissetta

The property is located in the area of the commune of Butera, district Tenutella, part "Marina di Butera", at the Mediterranean Sea. (Mare Mediterraneo/Golfo di Gela)
It is registered in the cadastre sheet No.214, parcel No.343 and 344.
The planning and construction has been executed by the engineering office of Dr.-Ing. Alfredo Gambino, Via Aldo Moro 19, Butera (CL).

Description of the property

The lot with housing is located in the area of the commune of Butera, district Tenutella, in a short distance of a 7km long sandy beach at the Mediterranean Sea. (Mare Mediterraneo/Golfo di Gela)
The size of the lot is about 2300 m² and completely fenced. The entry to the property is through a quintessentially and architecturally designed entry gate.
There are two separate and differently sized buildings on the property.
  1. The main building , 2 floors, with basement.
  2. The bungalow, at ground level, about 50 m²
Schematic diagrams

Ground floor

Upper floor

Bungalow with terrace
  1. Living room
  2. Kitchen
  3. Dining room
  4. Bed room
  5. Floor, lobby
  6. Bath room
  7. WC
  8. Shower room
  9. Basement
  10. Storage room
  11. Heating system
  12. Terrace
  13. Balcony
  14. Roofing
  15. Veranda

Technical equipment and installation of improvements

The whole property's gardens are planted with an exclusive Mediterranean flora, amongst others olive and citrus trees, different palms and hibiscus and cultivated properly.
The property is enclosed by a line of cypresses.
The object is reachable by the country road SS 115 (Gela - Licata) branch "contrada Tenutella" (commune road) until the holiday village "EDEN Village Sikania Marina di Butera" is reached, close to the sea.

The property is about 300 m away from the sea. A couple of dunes with Mediterranean vegetation divides it from the wide sandy beach at the golf of Gela.
It is located in an important development area for the commune of Butera with focus on living and tourism in the middle of the coastal towns Gela and Licata.
The whole area of the commune, also "Marina di Butera", is historically embossed. It can be called "historical area".

Price negotiable 490.000€


Salvatore Picadaci
Casella Postale
I-93011 Butera

Tel.: (+39) 0934 349104
Fax : (+39) 06 233248061
Mobil: (+39) 338 8052408




ground floor left

ground floor middle

ground floor right

upper floor